Pop-Up Power/Data/USB

Flexible desktop power and data solutions. Retractable and durably constructed, highly functional with a fluid, one touch door that remains open during use.

Ensure That Power, Network And USB Connections Are Always Within Reach Of Operators.

Integrated Pop-UP Power/Data/USB

In surface power, charging and data units

The next generation of flexible desktop power and data solutions for executive and institutional work station applications. Retractable and durably constructed, Modular High Output convenience outlets are highly functional with a fluid one touch door that remains open during use. Constructed out of clear anodized aluminum, they are scalable to meet the varying power, data, and audio/visual requirements.

Command Watch products feature a number of custom options for lighting, power and data grommets to suit your aesthetic and technical requirements in a multitude of finishes, different mounting positions and even hardwired versions.

Pop-Up & Hideaway

Whether it pops up, flips up, pulls up, or rotates over, the idea is simple: there when you need it, hidden when you don’t. Some spring-loaded, some manual, they come in all shapes and sizes. Hideaway function is a sleek and seamless way to integrate light, power and data function into your console without overpowering the design, but still providing the same convenience of keeping power accessibility close at hand.

Recessed & Surface Mount

This series of power systems either lives in the console beneath the surface or has a grommet mount that extends beneath the surface and fastens from below. Whether mounted from beneath or dropped in from above, these stationary units are fixed in place and are easily accessible from the surface level. Some may have a manual lid or cover, while others can remain open in plain sight, and some even have the option to create a custom lid with the cutout from the console work surface.

All of our power/data grommet solutions focus on function and provide practical solutions for power and data accessibility within your control room console.


  • Fluid one touch accessibility
  • Includes a Voice/Data Adapter Kit (BE01421) to accept couplers & jacks when require
  • Fits in tops 3/4″ to 1-3/4″ thick
  • UL Listed
  • Available with Byrne spill-proof simplexes


  • Lucent Technologies Category 5, Panduit Category 5, Allen Tel Category 5, Amp Category 3, Krone Category 5, Hubbell Category 5, Blank, Ortronics TracJack Category 6, Category 5e and Keystone.
  • UL File No. E84065. Electrical codes vary by location. Please check with your electrician to verify that this unit meets your local code before installing
  • Electrical outlet rated 15A/125VAC
  • Standard 6 foot power cord

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