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Command Watch offers the most trusted control room console solution for your critical facility.

The Command Watch line of consoles enhances your control room and network operation center with the superior aesthetics required to convey your commitment to technology. Command Watch combines quality materials and exceptional design to ensure functionality, productivity and operator comfort.

We specialize in all aspects of design and installation for control rooms, emergency dispatch, and 7×24 network operation centers. The Command Watch product line includes robust technical control room furniture, display walls, operator seating, monitor mounting and desk accessories. Our proprietary slatwall system offers flexibility for all control room applications. We offer a variety of design choices when choosing including adjustable and fixed seating options.



dispatch furniture console 1 - Control Room Consoles

Modular and versatile furniture-grade console furniture created for critical control operations and monitoring environments. This solution is designed around the rigorous demands of a 7×24 environment but not at the expense of style and aesthetics. The Command Watch console is designed around flexibility. Numerous straight and corner module options allow for endless configuration options. Optimize useable space within the room and maximize operator productivity.



control room console tech furniture 1 - Control Room Consoles


Economical and robustly designed open air slatwall technical console furniture solution. Includes integrated power and cable management. Command Tech console furniture is designed around functionality. It includes all the elements required for high productivity in a network operations center or control room at much lower cost than a fully enclosed console.



control room console technical furniture 1 - Control Room Consoles

Sit/stand console furniture intended for the emergency response, dispatch & control room environments. Command Flex Adjustable features adjustable height work surfaces for keyboards and/or monitors to help operators customize their work space for their optimum ergonomics. Adjustable console furniture is often used in environments which require operators to constantly man their workstations such as emergency response and dispatch.



control room console monitor arms 1 - Control Room Consoles

State of the art LCD mounting system for the Command Watch line of products. The Bild monitor arm system is a highly configurable solution for multi-monitor applications. With endless configurations between 2 and 16 displays.



control room task chairs 1 - Control Room Consoles

7X24 network operation task chairs intended for operators sitting for long periods of time within a critical facility environment. Professional computer chair that can be used in conjunction with furniture grade console meeting the demands of operations centers.



noc furniture slatwall accessories 1 - Control Room Consoles

Slatwall mountable accessories keep binders, manuals and important papers within reach. The Command Watch line of products offers a number of slatwall accessories to help keep operators and their console work surface clean and orderly.



control room furniture display mounts 1 - Control Room Consoles

Large screen displays integrated directly to or adjacent with your noc furniture. Easily integrate large screen displays to your Command Watch or Command Tech configuration.



control room task lamp furniture - Control Room Consoles

Versatile slatwall mountable task lighting allows you to position the location and level of lighting to optimal needs of the operator. Command Watch task lighting is designed to meet the demanding quality and functional standards of the critical facility environment providing proper illumination, preventing eye strain and increase operator productivity.



dispatch furniture power data ports 1 - Control Room Consoles

Ensure that power, network and USB connections are always within reach of operators.



custom millwork for NOC - Control Room Consoles

Custom accessories to match our consoles provide added functionality to your work stations.