Modern Control Room Design Considerations

Oct 31, 2023 1 month ago
modern control room with operator working

Ergonomics and Human Factors When designing a modern control room, the main goal is to combine ergonomics, or the science of optimizing the design of systems, with helping and understanding humans. While ergonomics plays a role in helping humans find comfort and efficiency in their control room roles, there are still psychological and physiological aspects of the environment that only humans can know. The marriage of ergonomics and humanity is crucial to creating a workspace that advances productivity, limits fatigue and minimizes disruption. Importance of Ergonomic Design Ergonomic design in control rooms is not a luxury but a necessity. In…

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Monitor Wall Design in a Technical Control Room

Apr 25, 2023 8 months ago
monitor wall with 8 screens in a control room with 6 technical furniture workstations

What is a Monitor Wall? A monitor wall is an extensive display system made up of multiple individual monitors arranged in a grid and working together to form one large screen. Also known as video walls, monitor walls are typically designed to be used in control rooms and other critical spaces where operators must simultaneously monitor large amounts of data. Depending on the application, monitor walls can be as large or small as desired. The minimum number of monitors needed is two, while larger displays can be dozens or hundreds of individual monitors linked together, creating massive video walls. A…

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Control Room Consoles in the Military and Defense Industry

Dec 10, 2021 2 years ago
military operator talking on headset in command center

To construct or design any kind of military facility, the plan must include an advanced control room with state-of-the-art features and amenities. And of course because this command center is unique from other kinds of console spaces, it must include industry-specific furniture and considerations when it comes to the furnishings. Because of this, when putting together a network operation center in a military facility, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right furniture according to particular specifications. It’s crucial to put the operator’s comfort and alertness at the forefront of the plans, along with how the workflow of the…

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Designing a Control Room in 2022

Dec 8, 2021 2 years ago
rendering of the NASA SpaceX mission and flight control center, with 3 rows of control room console desks and full wall size view of earch and satellite from space

There’s a lot to consider in designing a command center. When putting together the layout and ideas, you’ll want to think about how to limit distractions, proper furniture to keep control room operators comfortable and alert, and you’ll also want to think about creating an atmosphere that isn’t conducive for employee burnout. Since it’s a new year, here’s what you should think about when it comes to control room design in 2022. 7 Ways to Optimize Your Command Center in 2022 After surviving a pandemic, we all know the importance of keeping our distance (six feet, in fact). Overcrowding is…

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