Command Watch offers custom video display wall systems for network operation, EOC, process control and other critical type facilities. We can design a video wall system based on specific required functionality.

Video Wall Services

Command Watch video wall services offers a complete video display wall solution. We will create a diagram and installation plan to fit your timeline and budgetary requirements. Our professional support and installation team will have your solution delivered and installed quickly and worry free.

Control Room Video Wall - Control Room Video Walls

Command Watch offers superior solutions that deliver consistent presentation of your critical data and information in a 24×7 environment. Your video wall display solution is built to ensure that your control room will operate at the highest level of efficiency into the extended future.

Command Watch utilizes a highly trained staff that will guide you through your project to determine site requirements, integration and budgetary restrictions. We will provide a detailed quote with equipment specified for your critical facility or commercial environment.

The Command Watch sales team will design a unique solution to meet your needs. Design consideration is imperative in maximizing the operation and achieving paramount results and should take place before the installation process begins.

At Command Watch we know what it takes to design the most efficient solution for you. We consider the following design components:

  • > Venue and Application
  • > Size and Configuration
  • > Viewing Distance
  • > Workspace Mandates
  • > Type of content being viewed
  • > User Interface

Command Watch has a first-class engineering team responsible for overseeing all aspects of the engineering implementation of client solutions. We provide high-end technical support for our integrator’s projects. We have a stringent quality control process that involves staging, testing and commissioning of all aspects pertaining to your system including control system programming, system implementation and system integration for guaranteed on-site results for true turnkey system delivery.

Command Watch Engineers Services:

  • > CAD drawings for system integration
  • > Network and video cabling installations
  • > Video wall system commissioning
  • > Peer review with integrators
  • > Design review and code review as required

Command Watch programming specialists are essential for creating custom-built solutions capable of simultaneous viewing and control of multiple video sources on numerous displays.

Our programmers are capable of controlling numerous devices and equipment manufactured by industry respected companies and unifying control to one simple and easy to use interface.

We program solutions for a host of markets and applications including:

  • > Video Wall
  • > Digital Signage
  • > Teleconferences
  • > Presentations
  • > Audio Solutions
  • > Command & Control

Command Watch has a unique business model that allows for seamless large-scale global deployments of an array of systems. Our dedicated project management team is experienced in bringing your concepts to reality with services performed by certified, integration firms and our own network of integrators with technicians located throughout the world.

Our experts will meticulously plan the deployment and installation of your desired solution. We will connect your equipment to the newly installed or existing network infrastructure and work with you through the full testing and configuration of your system.

Command Watch Installation Services:

  • > Site survey
  • > Digital display and mount installations
  • > Network and video cabling installations
  • > Installation and testing of system
  • > Hardware and software
  • > Training for our Turnkey Solutions

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    Types Of Display Wall Panels

    Acquiring the highest quality technology and materials is essential to maintaining a highly functional control room environment. Selecting the correct display wall panels for your space can be the difference creates a coherent viewing experience free of unnecessary distraction.


    lcd video wall - Control Room Video Walls

    The Command Watch complete portfolio of high-quality LCD video walls encompass a wide range of different sizes, resolutions and technologies. Our large scale display systems are designed by video wall experts with decades of experience in video wall display technology. Featuring the narrowest bezels, most flexible mounting systems and slimmest installation depths, Command Watch LCD video walls are best-in-class.

    • > Wide range of sizes, resolutions and technologies
    • > Solutions feature narrow bezels, slim installation depths and flexible mounting systems
    • > Delivering superior visual performance and reliability
    • > Designed for the world’s most demanding environments


    oled video wall - Control Room Video Walls

    Direct view LED video wall technology is becoming an increasingly popular video wall solution due to its seamless image, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optical characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle. With advanced technology and design innovation, Inracks LED video wall solutions meet the needs of nearly any LED video wall customer.

    • > Available in 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8mm pixel pitches
    • > Supports the industry’s closest viewing distances
    • > Front installation and serviceability
    • > Uses DirectLight® Remote Power Supply (RPS) Modules
    • > Outstanding image quality
    • > EasyAlign™ Mounting System included
    • > LED MultiTouch available for select DirectLight models

    Video Wall Display Controllers

    The brains of your video wall system is the video wall controller. The video wall controller allows your critical images and data to be displayed on any video wall in any configuration.

    Video wall display controllers are available in a wide variety of configurations. Key specification and graphics handling features will be important decision making factors when determining which controller is correct for your applications.

    To help determine which controller will work best in your environment, consider the determinants.


    ZUES VIDEO WALL CONTROLLER - Control Room Video Walls


    1600 Series Inputs: up to 16 HD Outputs: up to 16 HD

    3200 Series Inputs: up to 32 HD Outputs: up to 32 HD

    6400 Series Inputs: up to 64 HD Outputs: up to 64 HD

    This professional, mission critical video wall processor is an industry leader in dependability and rated at 100,000 hours MTBF. Built around a windows 7 Professional 64-bit platform, the Zeus series is capable of running local applications and accessing network data directly. This also enables full IT security protocol management. Conversely, the Zeus can be used strictly as a video wall control appliance without a network connection to ensure ultimate security. Additional features include:

    • > Designed to deliver superb performance for approx. 11.4 years
    • > Captures dozens of high quality definition inputs simultaneously and displays them in an unlimited number of configurations that surpass high definition
    • > Handles multiple HD inputs ad displays them on each monitor at its native resolution
    • > Customized Zeus system to meet specific input and output requirements of the application
    • > Expandable and build-able offerings for inputs and outputs to accommodate future needs and signals
    • > Complete with redundant, hot swappable power supplies, solid state hard drives, fans and more
    • > Network-based control capability
    • > RS-232 control connection for integration with most control systems
    Ares Visualization Engine Video Wall Controller - Control Room Video Walls


    Outputs: Capable of displaying high definition (HD) resolution at the native pixel resolution of the connected display.

    Ares is capable of playing 4K content natively or supporting a video wall with up to twelve displays. High quality visuals is what to expect from Ares. Additional features include:

    • > Extreme procession powerhouse to handle the most graphical intensive applications while maintaining its stable platform.
    • > Synchronization module designed to operate with the output graphics cards allowing synchronization to external sources (Genlock) or 3D rendering of multiple GPUs in different systems (Framelock)
    • > Incorporates high performance distributed architecture and dedicated high-bandwidth components that delivers flexibility
    • > Eleven display output plus a dedicated output for direct connection into our Zeus series of video wall controllers. Using computers with dedicated outputs to the video wall controller is a vastly superior and more reliable approach than connecting third party signal splitters.
    Hermes Graphics Engine Video Wall Controller - Control Room Video Walls


    Outputs: Capable of displaying high definition (HD) resolution at the native pixel resolution of the connected display.

    The Hermes is a ruggedized workstation that provides the ultimate in computing and graphics processing. This graphics engine features:

    • > An economical solution for small video display walls delivered in an ultra-thin chassis design
    • > Incorporates distributes architecture and superior, high-bandwidth components that deliver optimal results and flexibility
    • > Rated at 80,000 hours MTBF with 24/365 operation and uptime to meet true mission critical standards
    • > Displays high definition resolution at the native pixel resolution of the connected display
    • > Complete with three display outputs and a designated output for direct connection into our Zeus series of video wall controllers.

    Workstation Computers

    Video wall controllers enables displaying video and data sources on any display configuration in an enterprise environment

    Helios Workstation Computer Control Room - Control Room Video Walls


    Outputs: Capable of displaying high definition (HD) resolution at the native pixel resolution of the connected display.

    High Performance workstation computer. Helios is designed for professionals on an individual level. Features include:

    • > Designed for professionals that demand the ultimate in computing and graphics processing hardware
    • > Incorporates high performance distributed architecture and dedicated high-bandwidth components that deliver flexibility
    • > Both Helios solutions are ideal for users that mandate multiple-monitor workstations