Command Watch Control Room Consoles

A modular and versatile line of control room console solutions that are designed for critical operations and monitoring environments.

The modular Command Watch console desk is designed around flexibility & the rigorous demands of a 7×24 control room environment but not at the expense of style & aesthetics.

Command Watch Control Room Furniture

Flexible Console Furniture Systems

The modular designed console system provides extreme configurability to optimize usable space within the control room and maximize operator productivity.

The nine inch of slatwall height provides ample versatility in mounting LCD displays and accessories such as task lighting . A generous ergonomic edged worksurface features removable infill panels to access the integrated cable raceway. The work surface edging features a polyurethane nosing for high durability and operator comfort. A ventilated cavity below the furniture work surface can store PC’s, servers and other hardware. A multi-outlet power strip in integrated into each module to provide power for monitors, CPU’s battery back-up systems  and other hardware. Optional pop-up power/data grommets can be installed in console’s work surface for desktop access to power outlets, data or USB ports. Removable lockable sliding doors at both front and back of cavity provide easy access to systems, power and cable trays.

While the Command Watch line of control room consoles is designed for extreme functionality, it is also equally attractive. Unseen from the outside is a heavy-duty steel frame work which provides the strength and durability for years of use. That frame work is covered with high-pressure laminate doors, side panels and work surface for a truly furniture-grade aesthetic. The slatwall, work surface edging and side panel edging are all black to provide an attractive accent. Customers can choose from a wide range of laminate combinations to ensure the console setup matches architectural color schemes.

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  • Numerous module sizes for infinite configurability
  • Versatile Slatwall Cube for mounting multiple standard and large monitors
  • Generous cavity for storing systems and hardware
  • Sliding front and back ventilated doors lift off for easy maintenance access
  • Heavy-duty steel frame structure for high strength and durability
  • High pressure laminate exterior for furniture-grade aesthetics
  • Lift-off panels at back of console work surface to access cable raceway and power outlets
  • Polyurethane edging at the front of the work surface for durability and comfort


  • 12 gauge steel welded frame
  • 1 1/4″ thick HPL work surface with polyurethane edge nosing
  • 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″ & 72″ straight modules
  • 15, 22.5, 45, & 90 degree standard & reverse corner units
  • Standard 36″ & 39″ depth
  • 9″ Slatwall allows generous front mount area
  • Multi-monitor and large display (up to 70″) slatwall mounts
  • Console desk accessories include binder shelf, phone shelf, task light and pop-up power/data ports

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